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Making an Appointment
  Making an appointment for Botoxin therapy

Many individuals who call an office for Botoxin care or appointments are curious, skeptical, highly desirous of results, have great expectations and may be a bit nervous. Well-trained staff in a quality office know this and care. They should work hard to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Ask about the wrinkles you are concerned about and if they treat those areas with Botox.

When you're ready to call find a quiet place where you can be undisturbed, have writing utensils, and be spend as much time on the phone as necessary. You may also need to have your health insurance information available for questions about coverage for any labs or medical assessment that may be necessary prior to your Botoxin treatment.

As a patient you must be an advocate for yourself and ask any questions you feel are important. No question is irrelevant if it concerns your health or overall well being. You might ask where the Doctor was trained, or how many procedures they have done. It is nice to know what your expectations should be with the therapy, and a full understanding of the costs involved. Offices offering quality care will spend the time to make you feel comfortable and provide answers to all of your questions.

Make certain to get all of your questions answered and don't hesitate to ask anything which concerns you or peaks curiosity. A quality provider wants you to be informed and as comfortable as possible. If you have any sense that you are being rushed or pushed to make a decision - consider another provider. You want to feel good about the office you schedule your appointment with.

Remember to expect good care - you deserve it.

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